Funeral Brochure Template

It is not easy to deal with the loss of a loved one because lots of memories and people are connected with deceased person. This affects whole family as well as group of friends and despite utmost sorrow and grief it is necessary to put a funeral in relatively short amount of time. It is really difficult to accumulate all details for proper remembrance on short notice. Funeral brochure is a best way to get ready for memorial ceremony in short period of time. You can design a funeral brochure by including your sincere feelings and true love with the deceased person. It is best way to highlight your inner feelings and can be easily made with a home computer via MS Word or Publisher. It will save your money on funeral expenses and with the help of personalized brochure you can specially honor deceased person.

Here is preview of a free Funeral Brochure Template designed by our in house team,

Funeral Brochure Template

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Instructions to Design Funeral Brochure

You can design a funeral brochure with special effects and professional looking results at your own home with the use of any word processing program because these types of programs are easy to use and allow you to insert photo of deceased person. In order to make your work easy on this sorrowful event, I am going to share some simple but useful instructions that will help you to design a perfect funeral brochure:

  • Start your work by locating the picture of deceased person. Choose a perfect photo for your settings such as you can choose a professional studio photo or a candid photograph of some happy moments. If you get hard copy of photo then scan it and edit it in image editing program. You have to crop out whole blank space from the background.
  • Open two blank pages on your available software program, one will represent outer potion of the folded brochure and the second will represent internal portion of the funeral brochure. Set your page on “Landscape” layout to get longer page.
  • Insert the photo of deceased person on the front page and add a text box in the remaining space to right a specific line for deceased person such as, “In the memory of (full name of deceased person)” followed by his/her date of birth and date of death.
  • Insert a text box on the left side of the first page to include short biography of the deceased person. Biography will include place of birth of the deceased person, career path and surviving family members.
  • Now add another text box to the second page to write comprehensive details of funeral services such as time of body viewing, memorial services and list of eulogizers. Remaining page will be filled with miscellaneous information that you find best to represent on the funeral brochure including time line, important events of life, photos of family member and friends etc.
  • After completion of funeral brochure, take its print out on the double side document and fold each brochure by keeping the name and photo of deceased person on the top.